A Humanity Pre-occupied

When you start looking at the scenarios / scenes you walk into each day -- what happens to your attention? Do you make a decision about where your attention is in every moment of breath? Or is your attention Pre-determined by thoughts, inner conversations, memories, futureprojections? Are these preoccupations aligned to the reality we co-occupy? Or aligned to a reality only the 'I' occupies, behind the eyes in the Mind?

Ever notice how most of your preferences, your fears, your resistances, your positive and negative associations to things, comes from earlier on during the formative years of your life? When you look back at yourself, who were you? Had you developed a stable, self directed way of looking at yourself, others, and your world in terms of us all being here, sharing the same world, with the same needs, depending on each other to live effectively? Or had you already from an early age developed a way of looking at yourself, others, and your world through the I of ‘w…

What is Behind the Mind?

What is Behind the Mind?
How are your thoughts, feelings, and emotions actually BUILT?
What are the building blocks?
How can uncover your building blocks and change them?

What practical applications can you live, in order to stop creating and substantiating reactive experiences and behavior in your life, and start creating and substantiating yourself as Life in Self Honesty, able to Direct yourself within every moment of breath to see and come to outcomes that are Best for All?

If we're going to change the world, we must first learn how to change ourselves. And to change ourselves we must understand the Building Blocks of ourselves, to be able to see, dismantle, and replace dysfunctional Building Blocks with Practical, Self Honest Building Blocks that support us in Living our TRUE Potential as an actual part of LIFE as All as One as Equal -- able to walk the practical creation of a world that is Best for All Life...

Fortunately, those of us who have already proven change is poss…

Change your Definition...Break the Chains

Our definitions become the chains that hold us in a prison of our own patterns....

Change your definitions....Break the Chains...

Secret of The Consciousness Energy Field

"Consciousness is the Energy Field created by Temporary Characters in the Mind seeking to Promote self-Interest, hiding from the Fear of its temporary existence that inevitably abruptly Ends." -Bernard Poolman Read Heaven's Journey to Life where the Specifics of what Consciousness in fact is and How it was / is created:

Day 1: Who I Am As Money

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Plugged Into the Mind

How have human-beings created an internalized pictured-reality of actual physical reality within the Mind? 
Why do some human-beings believe that actual physical reality is Illusion?
What/Who is in fact the Illusion within this physical existence?
Why do human-beings live from pictures in the Mind, instead with the actual living organisms of/as this physical existence in equality and oneness?
How have human-beings been programmed to only exist from and define themselves from Pictures in the Mind?
How was the Mind Consciousness System programmed to create a database of pictures of actual physical reality and deceived the human into believing that the pictured-reality in the Mind is ‘real’ and actual physical reality is illusion?

All these questions and more are answered within this Interview.

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A World Driven by Consciousness


Happiness and Profit go Hand in Hand


Ending Economic Torment with a Living Income Guaranteed

Currently in our economic system there exists a 'freedom' to neglect people (deny them an effective income), or trap them in debt and poverty if, due to various factors involved in a person's skill development, education, genetic design, personality traits, intellect, etc, they are unable to meet the requirements for a level of employment that would provide a sufficient income for an effective life free of financial struggle.

This is not a freedom that should be protected. We are in a world where there is in fact plenty for all. No one needs to struggle to live in a world of plenty. It is a violation of basic Human Rights and Dignity to allow another to exist in a circumstance of torment and struggle while the means exist to support that person to live effectively and without fear.

With a Living Income Guaranteed Proposal we now have a tangible, practical solution that provides a win-win outcome for everyone.

Wouldn't the world be a more pleasant place if everyone …