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A Humanity Pre-occupied

When you start looking at the scenarios / scenes you walk into each day -- what happens to your attention? Do you make a decision about where your attention is in every moment of breath? Or is your attention Pre-determined by thoughts, inner conversations, memories, futureprojections? Are these preoccupations aligned to the reality we co-occupy? Or aligned to a reality only the 'I' occupies, behind the eyes in the Mind?

Ever notice how most of your preferences, your fears, your resistances, your positive and negative associations to things, comes from earlier on during the formative years of your life? When you look back at yourself, who were you? Had you developed a stable, self directed way of looking at yourself, others, and your world in terms of us all being here, sharing the same world, with the same needs, depending on each other to live effectively? Or had you already from an early age developed a way of looking at yourself, others, and your world through the I of ‘w…

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