Does Human Consciousness Create Physical Reality?

If Human Consciousness Creates the Physical Reality -- 
How is it that the Earth and Physical Universe was Here before Human Beings existed?

The New Age suggests that the entire physical Universe is the product of HumanConsciousness -- you know, which in the New Age is defined as a warm and fuzzy feeling of light and love -- which, oddly enough did not exist at birth, but was conditioned through exposure to knowledge and information, interpreted through Language as Definitions that were TAUGHT to the person by other people - Language that did not exist at birth. Strange how the New Age fails tosee that the New Age Consciousness Experience is a Personality Experience that is Designed gradually over a period of years through utilizing Knowledge and Information to construct Belief systems forming the foundation of Self Ideas that one Practices through Meditation and Visualization and Affirmation until it becomes Automated as just the 'Experience' -- and this Experience is then claimed to be 'the eternal truth that transcends physical reality' - in spite of the fact that again, it did not exist at Birth. And strange how this experience will then blind the New Age participant to simple questions like -- if the New Age Human Consciousness Experience 'creates' the Physical Reality -- how is it that the Earth and the rest of the Physical Universe was Here before Human Beings were on Earth? Before Language was on Earth? Before books and websites and New Age shops promoting New Age ideas existed?
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  1. Earth was already here, yep that is rigth, but not in the way you think/visualize now, or even with the same Laws we have created now...

  2. As whether an observation is made or not determines which path an electron took (note the past tense), consciousness creates reality and all the events that lead (note the past tense) to the reality we are seeing now. As Niels Bohr put it - "There is no quantum world" unless we observe it.

  3. Because the universe is a simulation. We existed before the simulation was created. When we die we wake up in our original place of origin. We never actually left only our consciousness is downloaded into these avatars. Firstly as animals then through many lives we reach a certain level of awareness. Then we move on to the human chain. Living out specifically chosen lives. The more we endure the more powerful we become


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