Ending Economic Torment with a Living Income Guaranteed

Currently in our economic system there exists a 'freedom' to neglect people (deny them an effective income), or trap them in debt and poverty if, due to various factors involved in a person's skill development, education, genetic design, personality traits, intellect, etc, they are unable to meet the requirements for a level of employment that would provide a sufficient income for an effective life free of financial struggle.

This is not a freedom that should be protected. We are in a world where there is in fact plenty for all. No one needs to struggle to live in a world of plenty. It is a violation of basic Human Rights and Dignity to allow another to exist in a circumstance of torment and struggle while the means exist to support that person to live effectively and without fear.

With a Living Income Guaranteed Proposal we now have a tangible, practical solution that provides a win-win outcome for everyone.

Wouldn't the world be a more pleasant place if everyone was guaranteed a good life, rather than a good life being a 'prize' that we make each other compete for?

End the torment. End the violation of Human Rights. End the nonsense and justifications. Give a Living Income Guaranteed so all can be guaranteed a good life.
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