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Secret of The Consciousness Energy Field

"Consciousness is the Energy Field created by Temporary Characters in the Mind seeking to Promote self-Interest, hiding from the Fear of its temporary existence that inevitably abruptly Ends." -Bernard Poolman Read Heaven's Journey to Life where the Specifics of what Consciousness in fact is and How it was / is created:

Day 1: Who I Am As Money

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Plugged Into the Mind

How have human-beings created an internalized pictured-reality of actual physical reality within the Mind? 
Why do some human-beings believe that actual physical reality is Illusion?
What/Who is in fact the Illusion within this physical existence?
Why do human-beings live from pictures in the Mind, instead with the actual living organisms of/as this physical existence in equality and oneness?
How have human-beings been programmed to only exist from and define themselves from Pictures in the Mind?
How was the Mind Consciousness System programmed to create a database of pictures of actual physical reality and deceived the human into believing that the pictured-reality in the Mind is ‘real’ and actual physical reality is illusion?

All these questions and more are answered within this Interview.

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A World Driven by Consciousness