What is Behind the Mind?

What is Behind the Mind?
How are your thoughts, feelings, and emotions actually BUILT?
What are the building blocks?
How can uncover your building blocks and change them?

What practical applications can you live, in order to stop creating and substantiating reactive experiences and behavior in your life, and start creating and substantiating yourself as Life in Self Honesty, able to Direct yourself within every moment of breath to see and come to outcomes that are Best for All?

If we're going to change the world, we must first learn how to change ourselves. And to change ourselves we must understand the Building Blocks of ourselves, to be able to see, dismantle, and replace dysfunctional Building Blocks with Practical, Self Honest Building Blocks that support us in Living our TRUE Potential as an actual part of LIFE as All as One as Equal -- able to walk the practical creation of a world that is Best for All Life...

Fortunately, those of us who have already proven change is possible through THOUSANDS of blogs documenting our processes over the span of years of application -- have created a course that is available online to anyone with the WILL to SEE what's really going in this existence and HOW we created ourselves...
Join us at Desteni I Process...



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